Altered Thinking calls for an Altered Notebook

Today was a day for contemplation…with beautiful weather and lots of fluffy clouds in the air, who couldn’t help but daydream. Whether you’re daydreaming about possibilities or the past, sometimes it is helpful to chronicle those thoughts. It’s always nice to be able to put your introspection down on paper as a way to organize, catagorize, examine and move on.

I decided to use my creative energy today to create a chronicling vessel all of my own. I started with a kraft notebook I got from Daiso…got to love Daiso. I added some glitter paper, lace, ribbon, pearls, vintage trims, including rhinestones and seam binding and I’ve taken the ordinary to a place where romantic, shabby chic and ballet pink rule.

Notebook from DaisoAltered notebook from DaisoAltered Notebook from Daiso - Closeup

I’d love to hear how you organize your reflections when you’re in a contemplative mood, and to see how you refashion everyday objects until they become visual expressions of you.

Until next time….Happy Crafting!


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