Shopping Small (With Big Heart) – Pretty Peaceful Planner




Kylie Fraley owner of Pretty Peaceful Planner on Etsy with her family.

Continuing our interview series Shopping Small (With Big Heart), I am delighted to be introducing you to Kylie Fraley owner of Pretty Peaceful Planner on Etsy.

Studio Elaine ~ What is your background before being your own boss, or do you work both a 9 to 5 and run your own business?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Before opening my Etsy shop, I was working reception at an animal hospital. I was hired in hopes of working in the Veterinarian Technician field.  I started at the bottom cleaning some unimaginable animal messes, walking dogs, and cleaning the hospital.  After a while I was at the front desk with some other wonderful ladies.  A few years later, my husband enlisted in the Army and I left my job at the animal hospital to travel to Georgia with him.  This is where we had our first daughter and I decided to stay at home with her instead of going back to work.

Studio Elaine ~ What first inspired and motivated you to open your own business?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ The biggest factor in starting my business was the need to stay at home with my children and still be able to bring in some extra money for my family.  Before opening Pretty Peaceful Planner I was running an Etsy shop designing invitations and stationery.  I loved creating invitations for someones birthday or big day.  Once I purchased my first Happy Planner I was hooked on anything planner related.  I joined Facebook groups and stalked Etsy sticker shops.  Thats when it clicked. I could combine my love for designing invitations with my love for my planner.  I started making different sets of stickers and cutting them at home.  After a while I had enough stickers to open Pretty Peaceful Planner.

Studio Elaine ~ What does a day in the life look like? Walk us a little through the juggling act of balancing your business and home.

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Days at the Fraley home are quite hectic!  Our two girls are 4 years and 18 months old.  Taking care of them and running the shop can be a huge balancing act on most days.  I spend my days printing and cutting sticker orders while keeping up with the kids.  The nights are for designing new prints.  Most days cutting goes into the night and designing has to wait.  It is a back and forth act between the girls and working on orders.

Studio Elaine ~ How has social media impacted your business and how you conduct business?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Instagram has been a huge platform for my shop! I have connected with so many other business owners and customers through Instagram.  I started an Instagram account for Pretty Peaceful Planner before the shop was open.  I would post updates on sticker sets I was designing and how the process was coming along.  This helped me gain business contacts before my shop was even open.  I usually will post coupon codes first on Instagram. This give my followers a chance to sometimes get discounts exclusively or before anyone else.

Studio Elaine ~ Looking back at how you first started as a small business owner, what would you have done differently, knowing what you know now?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ I would definitely troubleshoot more! I was so confident in my product that sometimes I missed a few things in the process.  This left me having to fix problems before sending out orders.  It made made order processing time a bit longer at first.

Studio Elaine ~ What made selling on Etsy appealing to you vs. starting your own online ecommerce site?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Etsy is a very well known website.  I love the fact that if you are looking for something unique and hand made all you have to do is search Etsy!  This helps with advertising.  I don’t have to worry about being accessible for my customers or making sure my ecommerce site is out there.  It is easy to navigate and gets my shop noticed.

Rustic Yellow and Grey Planner Stickers Available at Pretty Peaceful Planner on Etsy

Rustic Yellow and Grey Planner Stickers Available at Pretty Peaceful Planner on Etsy

Studio Elaine ~ Obviously I love your shop and items, what are you most proud of in your shop, and where do you find your creativity and inspiration?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ It’s so hard to choose just one thing! I would say my Rustic Yellow and Grey Planner Sticker Set is my favorite.  It is the first sticker set I created.  I am so proud of this set because it is the set that started it all!

Studio Elaine ~ You are obviously very creative and talented, besides the items you create for your shop, what are some of your other talents, and what alternate creative outlets do you pursue?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ My shop keeps me busy most of the time.  It is probably my only creative outlet.  I would say taking my heated vinyasa yoga classes is my alternative outlet.  It helps me clear my head and sweat it out!

Studio Elaine ~ Why do you feel shopping small is important?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Shopping small is so important!  I love being able to own something created by someone with a small business.  It is so much more personal to me.  I love being able to support others in their own journey of creating what the love.

Studio Elaine ~ How do you feel the role of women as small business owners has impacted you, and what do you think the major challenge as a woman in business has been for you?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Since starting Pretty Peaceful Planner I have met some amazing women. I have been shocked by the amount of support from these ladies.  From regraming my posts on Instagram to having the opportunity to be featured on Elaine’s blog.  The amount of other business women helping each other inspires me tremendously!

Studio Elaine ~ What do you want our readers to specifically know about you and your shop?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ I want Pretty Peaceful Planner to be a creative outlet for other planner nerds like myself. Sitting down with my planner and decorating my weekly spreads helps me feel calm about my life.  In a sense it brings me a little bit of that “me” time that all other women, working or staying at home with their children, know we need so bad!  It is awesome to know that I can give that little bit of peace by providing pretty stickers for other’s weekly planner spreads.

Studio Elaine ~ What advice would you give to anyone out there, who thinks they might want to open their own small business?

Pretty Peaceful Planner ~ Go for it! Even if you open an Etsy shop and only have a few listings. Start somewhere and see where it takes you.  Don’t worry about the small stuff it all works itself out.

Studio Elaine ~ I’d like to thank Kylie for participating in our interview series. If you haven’t done so already please visit the Pretty Peaceful Planner shop on Etsy and follow her on Instagram. She is an absolutely amazing woman! Her love of family and willinginess to support others in achieving their goals is an example to all of us, and I know you will enjoy her and her creations as much as I do.

Click on the links below to connect with her shop and Instagram feed. One of Kylie’s favorite items, and mine as well, from her shop are the Rustic Yellow and Grey Planner stickers, linked above. They are soft and sweet, and would make a great addition to any planner sticker collection.



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