May Free Sticker Download – Tiffany Inspired

I know I’m quite a bit late with this month’s freebie. Life seems to have gotten away from me… not an excuse, simply the truth.

This month’s inspiration, as promised, was inspired by Tiffany. Established in 1837,  by Charles Lewis Tiffany, Tiffany & Company is the epitome of style and grace, and the iconic Tiffany Blue seems to represent all we seem to covet and love of about the brand. It’s classic, and refined with just a hint of whimsy. This sticker sheet makes me feel the same way. I especially like the macarons!May - Tiffany Inspired Free Sticker Sheet

The link for the pdf and png files are now active for download. I hope you enjoy these stickers as much as I do! If you use them in your planners and post to Instagram please use the hashtag #studioelaine so that I can see how they turned out!

Remember these are being provided for your personal use only, and are not to be used for any other dissemination or sale.

Until Next Time Friends, Happy Planning!


Tiffany Inspired Sticker Download PDF

Tiffany Inspired Sticker Download PNG

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